8. Feb 2004 - 23:09 Stuff

Okay.. a long time since last update, and a lot has happened. First things first though.. Last weekend I was in Holland for Trance Energy, and I quite simply don't have words to describe the experience. I think a suitable quote is: "I can't put it in words! It's unbelievable!" - Alex Morph at TE 2002. I've put up some pictures from the trip, unfortunately none from the event itself since it wasn't allowed to bring cameras, in my gallery. There are pictures from the party at id-t.com though. The last week has been quite normal, just the regular boring lectures. But the weekend has been quite a lot better since a good friend has visited Trondheim. So we have been out bowling on Friday, drinking yesterday, and finally we've had a quiet dinner with other friends today.


19. Mar [01:49] hentaineko
og dere er slemme, blir nødt til å drepe dere alle, konspirerende gjeng.
19. Mar [01:47] hentaineko
No she ruddy hell doesn't.
19. Mar [01:45] cryzeck
tror hentaineko(janne) vil ha "kos" på TG, Jens :-)
2. Mar [04:40] sindre
28. Jan [00:08] cruz
hurra.. jeg har bursdag i dag! hurra for meg :P
19. Dec [22:02] Kevin
Hello, I was playing the laser game.
2. Dec [18:40] Senn jølla dærhål