v3, version 3

Well, I was bored one night and saw a rather good website and was inspired. Having discussed how to make fake alpha blended layers in css earlier that night I felt that it would be fun to make something using that technique for my own site, so I did. First I tried with black colours for both the background and the overlay, but then I tried using white, which I thought looked quite good. After I had seen how good the white overlay worked I decided to try using a white background as well, which looked even better. So this is it, quarryman.net version 3, I think it's the third proper design I have on this site anyway. And to be honest I'm quite satisfied with the result.

The girl was painfully extracted from a screenshot from the 64kb intro fr-030 - Candytron by Farb-rausch, and the rose was found with Google's image search.

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